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Why are there No "Donation" buttons?

My campaign and efforts are completely self-funded and will continue to be so during my term as your Alderman.  However, I encourage everyone to contribute and support causes that are important to you.  To learn more about my stance on campaign finance, please
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Welcome to District 11

It is our mission to build a strong and prosperous Green Bay by combining the efforts of our neighborhoods, our business partners, and our local government.  I look forward to working with you in developing these partnership and solutions that will help make for a better community. 


Current Projects and Priorities - March 2014

  • Remember to Vote April 1st. This upcoming Tuesday, there will be a number of elections and initiatives on the ballot including the District 11 City Council Race, District 10 County Supervisor Race, and Green Bay School Referendum. I am always pleased to see such a high voter turnout in the District and encourage you to get out and vote. If you are not sure of your polling location, please visit: and enter your address for a detailed overview of the location, who are your current representatives, and voting hours.

  • Military Ave Survey. Give us your feedback on what you would like to see on Military Ave: Take
    the short survey here
    and help us revitalize the West side.

  • Efforts to privately fundraise to rebuild Colburn Pool are in full swing. While we are continuing to operate the pool for summer 2014, the neighborhood and city are exploring private fundraising opportunities to preserve the pool. Colburn pool is one of the only Olympic sized pools in the area and is used as a practice facility by multiple swim teams. To learn more and to see what steps are currently being taken, please visit the "Save The Colburn Pool" Facebook page for updates.  Special thanks to the Colburn Park Neighborhood Association, Jesse Brunette, Chris Wery, and Mark Steuer who have been leading the charge to help preserve one of Green Bay's best park resources.  

  • Planning for 2014 West Side Concert Series - "Picnic In The Park" is in the early stages. So far we have 3 concert dates locked in for the following neighborhood associations:  

    July 12 - Fireman's Park
    July 26 - John Muir Park
    August 9 - Beaver Dam Park

    All Concerts will be held at the park shelters and are FREE/Open  to the public. This is our 4th year of hosting these concerts, which have helped bring the neighborhood together as well as showcase some of Green Bay's local music talent. Complete details will be made available once confirmed. 

Deepwater Horizon Response

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District 11 Business Spotlight

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