Community Focus

Focusing on Your Neighborhoods and Community, I firmly believe that the role of an Alderperson is to be dedicated to serving something greater than one's self and prioritizing the vision and needs of their community.

As a civic leader, I've learned there is a desire for an active voice in District 11 - someone who listens to your concerns and works with other council members to develop a safe, healthy, and thriving Green Bay. I am not going to pretend that I can change the entire landscape of Green Bay overnight, but I will serve as a dedicated steward, giving you a voice for a prosperous Green Bay.

Serving You Through

An Open and Honest Government Approach That Informs and Includes You

You deserve to be informed and aware of the decisions being made at all levels of government and have the opportunity to voice your concerns, approval, and suggestions. During the last 6+ years, we have hosted numerous "West Side Listening Sessions" and "Discussion Forums" to discuss city issues, the budget, and get feedback on policy proposals. These sessions have been well attended and generated excellent dialogue for improving our community. Just a few of the topics we have discussed as a district include:

+ The ATC Power Line Proposal
+ Bulk Waste Ordinance
+ Traffic routing and improved enforcement
+ Revitalization of Military Ave and Military Ave BID District
+ HWY 41 construction/disruption
+ Annual City Budget

Transparency and sharing of information will be a key component in my role as your representative. Tools like this website and outreach to your Neighborhood Associations has helped create effective and important dialogue for improving our district.

Respectful and Responsive Representation

+ Foster effective communication with all of you to address your priorities and the needs of the community.
+ Listen to your needs and follow through.
+ Advocate civic cooperation and collaboration - not division.

Strengthening Our Neighborhoods by Empowering You

Whether it is at the neighborhood, district, or broader community level, I believe the best resource for addressing problems or enhancing the quality of community life is citizens themselves.

A portion of my Alderman salary (75% of my Aldermanic Salary is given back directly to the district) is being used to expand Neighborhood Associations to include more events and improve communication to neighborhood members about current events/issues. These programs have also solidified neighborhood pride, business traffic, and improvement to our community parks/resources. Some of these events and efforts include

+ Family Movie Night
+ The West Side Concert Series - Picnic In The Park
+ Zumba Day By The Bay World Record Attempt
+ Green Bay Packers "Adopt A Park Program" for John Muir Park
+ Rock For Hunger Food Drive
+ Neighborhood Watch Programs
+ The GB 10 (Give Back 10) initiative for Green Bay

Revitalization and Growth of our Military Avenue Business District

The health and well being of our local businesses are a vital part of our neighborhood and city's success. Although unemployment has not hit Green bay as badly as other parts of the country, nurturing and cultivating our area small businesses are an essential part of overall job growth. Some ways we can work together include:
+ Emphasize "buying local" and support our neighborhood businesses
+ Increase the exposure, awareness, and marketing opportunities of our neighborhood businesses through collaborative strategies
+ Develop events and promotional opportunities for our neighborhood businesses (like the West Side Summer Concert Series)
Work in partnership with the Military Avenue Business Association (MABA) and the Military Avenue BID with the execution of their Action Plans

Fiscal Responsibility and the Smart Use of Our City's Resources

With tightening budgets, leadership must exercise fiscal responsibility without sacrificing the safety and health of our communities. You deserve a government that maintains economic stability today instead of borrowing against future generations. I am proud of the fact that through cooperation, positive scrutiny, and collaboration, this council was able to put forth a 2012 and 2103 budget with a tax levy decrease.

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