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Why are there No "Donation" buttons?

I have a great level of respect for our democratic process and understand the need for candidates to share their message. Campaigning is an investment of time, sacrifice, heart, and financial resources. However, as a person who is passionate about community reinvestment and fiscal responsibility by our leadership, I will not be asking for any financial contributions to my political efforts. After listening to a number of your concerns regarding today's political landscape, one major area of apprehension was campaign financing.

I believe that all candidates running for office should continue to have the opportunity to turn to citizens and organizations for the funding of their political message. Fundraising is an important part of ensuring that all candidates, regardless or position, financial background, or personal resources have a fair opportunity to run for office.

With that being said, my conscious and personal values would rather see those contributions invested in your local neighborhoods instead. For example, use those funds to "Buy Local" or visit a local business for your next night on the town. Apply that contribution to your local school, church, neighborhood association, or other organization that can have a direct impact on you and your family. If my previous campaign efforts can make a small dent in campaign finance reform and perhaps give a small bump to our community reinvestment, I will consider that a small success. All of my campaigns will be completely self-funded and will rely on my talents, hard work, and dedication to my constituents as the foundation for sharing my message. If you would like to be part of this effort, please contact me for ways you can support "Team Danzinger" and help your local community.

All Campaign Finance Records for Brian Danzinger and the "Friends of Brian Lee Danzinger" have been registered with the City of Green Bay Clerk and the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board. I am pleased that all three of my campaigns were fully self-funded.

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